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“Be it a prestigious or a supposedly unremarkable project, there are always new architectural answers to be discovered which not only display a great variety of forms, but also have one thing in common: they require a detailed analysis of the location and its requirements, as well as a thorough understanding of the cultural context and needs of the users.”


The multiple award-winning practice Auer Weber, founded in 1980, specialises in the conception, redesign, conversion and renovation of  commercial premises and public buildings. This internationally experienced business employees 140 staff at its premises in Munich and Stuttgart.

The practice’s architecture stems from an intensive involvement with the construction project itself, along with the conditions at, and potential
of, the place where it will be built. The drafts that result range from sculpturally formed free-standing buildings right up to urban planning.


Botanical Gardens Building, Shanghai

Constructions dans le jardin botanique Shanghai, Chine

Buildings in the Botanical Garden Shanghai Auer Weber, Roland Halbe

Shanghai’s new botanical garden was created in a local recreation area for the occasion of the EXPO 2010. It was embedded into the existing topography, which includes a 70 metre high hill, and stretches out across an area of 200 hectares. Its architectural framework forms a modelled garden ring, which also comprises the entrance building, large greenhouses and a research centre. Thanks to their well-thought out
placement, and forms that are orientated towards their environment, the biomorphic buildings blend into the hilly landscape in an almost symbiotic manner.

Viewed from a distance, the concrete and glass take on scenic qualities, so that their reflective shells correspond with the lakes and the interplay of the daylight. The subtle reference to the surrounding nature is also apparent in the detail: the delicate roof construction is reminiscent of the microscopic structure of a leaf or piece of fabric. What’s more, in their lightness/light materiality, and surrounded by  greenery, the buildings reference the architecture of the pavilions and temporary buildings.


CLIENT: Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai
GFA: 73,200 m2
MAMA MasterÎTRE D’OUVRAGE : Jardin botanique Chenshan, Shanghai, Chine

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