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“Origin is ever-present. It is not a beginning, because the beginning is bound to the notion of time. And the present is not merely now, today, or a moment. It is not a part of time, but a holistic achievement.”


For more than a quarter of a century, Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects and Urban Planners have been planning and realising large projects under the framework of public and infrastructural building projects, including projects in north Africa as well as in the middle and far east. The practice maintains the main office in Munich and two other branches, in Berlin and Bernburg, Germany.

Culture Wave City, Hangzhou

The aim of the 30-person team is to inject some contemporary feeling into the relationship between nature and society.
The urban development masterplans and landscape interventions bear witness to a harmonic relationship between creativity and function, and always take into consideration their effect on the quality of space for people and nature.


Munich Airport, Germany


From a planning point of view, the conversion of Munich airport’s two terminal buildings from the ‘airport in the countryside’ into a functional ‘airport region’ complex was a success. As an ensemble, the stopover areas, passageways and outdoor space form a unified image, which turns what was purely a transport point into a place of sojourn, meetings and  communication. The open space was also designed according to the same principle.

Starting with the existing building structures as a base, Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects and Urban Planners have developed a concept that, with the materials selected, the spatial setting and the technical nature of the site, has come to reflect the surrounding Bavarian scenery. Since the airport commenced operations in 2003, the 12 hectare site has also become a point of attraction for the inhabitants of the region. They take advantage of the urban structures that have come into being here, such as the restaurants, cafes and shops, just as if it were a completely normal town.


CLIENT: FMBau-Gesellschaft
LOCATION, COUNTRY: Munich, Germany
GFA: 12 ha
BUILDING COSTS: € 10m gross
ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS: Koch + Partner, Architekten und Stadtplaner in cooperation with Rainer

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