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[phase eins].
Cuxhavener Straße 12-13
D – 10555 Berlin
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Christian Lehmhaus, Benjamin Hossbach, Christine Eichelmann

Christian Lehmhaus, Benjamin Hossbach, Christine Eichelmann[phase eins].

“We are the architects of the initial stage and we see ourselves as moderators facilitating the exchange between promoter, designers and society in an effort to make converge, in the project’s interest, the objectives of all the parties involved.”


[phase eins]. is an architectural practice founded in 1998 in Berlin with an unusual focus. The architects working here neither design any buildings, nor spend time on construction sites; instead, they exclusively supervise projects during the initial stage of projects, the “phase eins”. The company provides assistance with the strategic orientation of a project, clarification of site conditions and organization of the selection of the most suitable design and designer for the project.

Together all these services define the core activities at [phase eins]., the management of design competitions, for which [phase eins]. has earned its worldwide reputation. The practice can look back on more than 100 successfully completed projects in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia, including urban development master plans, administration buildings for businesses and governments, cultural buildings, universities and research institutions. Competition management requires not only expertise in planning and more technical areas, but also relevant experience in dealing with authorities and  knowledge of applicable legal conditions.

Since large, complex projects rely on the communication between developers, planners and the respective authorities, mutual trust is the basis of cooperation. The practice therefore creates the foundations with an individually tailored process management plan. This is the only way to combine the interests of developers with the very highest architectural standards, whilst ensuring that the project’s realisation is both as economical and creative as possible. In other words: This is the only way to achieve building culture.

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