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Ran Li, Lei Yang, Wolf Loebel, Pablo Molina
RhineScheme Beijing

“People come first. The most sophisticated planning is worthless if its users do not feel at ease with it. Urban planning and architecture can render people grand and meaningful … or little. We prefer the former.”


Even with the choice of its name, the RhineScheme practice leaves no doubt as to its origins and self-image. The Rhine therefore serves as a joint home that connects all nine associated partners, even overcoming national borders in its importance as an identity-forging European symbol.
At the same time, it is a symbol of the free-flowing ideas that design processes have been feeding on from time immemorial.

With nearly 100 employees in its branches in Cologne, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Beijing and Philadelphia, the practice can draw upon more than 40 years’ experience in all relevant planning disciplines. RhineScheme has realised countless worldwide projects spanning urban planning, architecture, interior architecture as well as landscape design. It has acquired an excellent reputation for extremely complex projects, especially in China.


TCC – Tianjin Cultural Centre, China

A city of 13 million inhabitants now has a new cultural centre, which was completed after just four years’ planning and construction work. This ensemble of new constructions, with its expressive buildings, is embedded in a park-like landscape that extends in picturesque fashion along a specially created lake.
RhineScheme conceived the general urban planning framework and defined the architectural guidelines. On this basis, an opera house, two museums, a library, youth centre and retail space were established. Architecture and landscape form the physical setting for social interaction in which pleasure and quiet contemplation both have their place, and indeed merge into each another. With its four underground rail lines and a bus station, the cultural centre is an efficient transport hub, and counts among the metropolis’s most popular leisure destinations.

Cultural Centre, Tianjin, China
Christian Gahl

CLIENT: Tianjin Disai Construction and Service Co., Ltd.
COMPLETED: 2008-2012
GFA: 850,000 m2 new construction
SERVICES: Urban Planning, Landscape Planning
EXTERNAL EXPERTS: Chr. Schaller, Stefan Schmitz, J. Koob, Atelier Dreiseitl

AWARDS: MipimMIPIM Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier asia award 2013: Best Urban Regeneration Project,
ICONIC Award by German Design
Council 2013: Best Urban Planning Concept

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