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“The City Image is not only the visual appearance of a city, but furthermore its complex entity of happenings and experiences, as well as the resulting – conscious and unconscious – emotions, attitudes and opinions.”


Perspective Baghdad ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Anyone wanting to design and build entire towns or cities requires the experience of town planners, architects, landscape architects, geographers, traffic planners and municipal economists. These are the conditions in which the Stuttgart-based ISA Stadtbauatelier, founded in 1978, operates. The company is active worldwide, and specialises in the design of complex socio-spatial contexts in which people and their needs are both starting point and guiding principle. In practice, this urban planning design ideal not only brings about an environment that fulfill the concrete material expectations of its inhabitants,
but also takes seriously their non-material, spiritual and sensual needs.


Development of the new city Lijiang, China

Lijiang Réalisation © ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

The development of the new Chinese city Lijiang demonstrates how the architects and urban developers were able to put these requirements into practice. The starting point for the development was the historical town of the same name, which lies 2,400 metres above sea level, on the edge of the Himalayas. The planning area for the newly created town of Yulong, six kilometres away, stretches between two mountains.

The structures of the city of Lijiang, which came into being over the course of centuries, were projected into the development covering an area of 490 hectares, and were used as the matrix for the new town. It is just as dense and compact as the metropolis historical example, but the modern buildings are commensurate with the expectations of 21st century architecture, both functionally and architecturally. Its diverse and varied facade designs reference the construction
traditions that are typical of the region.

City of Lijiang, China
Planning Stage
Masterplan: approx 490 ha, realisation area: approx 11.5 ha
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