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“Our strategy of using the cultural, regional, functional and economic conditions of a project to generate a simple yet specific form, is applicable irrespective of country boundaries.”


New Ministry Building, Stuttgart (left) and LWL-Museum for Art and Culture, Münster (right)Marcus Ebener

To compress complex architectural conditions into a simple, surprisingly plausible form – that is the approach taken by this Berlin practice, founded in 1991.

LWL-Museum for Art and Culture, MünsterMarcus Ebener

The company’s broad range of building projects spans from new construction in sensitive urban and rural settings to conversions and reinterpretations of listed buildings. The new construction of the LWL Museum for Art and Culture succeeding in complementing the historical buildings in Münster’s Domplatz in harmonious fashion. The facade uses treated natural stone,as this characterises the buildings in and around the prominent cathedral square. The new museum opens outwards with an inviting gesture. A sequence of four public rooms, whose character reproduces the noble order of forecourt, entrance courtyard, patio and foyer, places the building into context of the surrounding historical city.


Ahrenshoop Museum of Art, Germany

Ahrenshoop Museum of ArtStefan Müller

The Ahrenshoop Museum of Art on the Baltic sea island of Darss similarly seeks a link to the site’s history. This newbuild provides the colony of artists based here with a permanent home for the first time, and blends into the historical surroundings in this old fishing village. This new ensemble, comprising a series of interlinked buildings with gabled roofs, displays a definite affinity with the thatched houses in the neighbourhood. But it is no throwback. With its unusual facade design, this modern addition differentiates itself markedly from its surrounding environment. The entire outer shell, including the roof, is made from with sheet brass, which shimmers in different colours according to the time of day and position of sun, and will patinate overthe course of time.

CLIENT: Kunstmueseum Ahrenshoop e. V.
LOCATION, COUNTRY: Ahrenshoop, Germany
GFA: 1,400 m2²
LPH: 2-8

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