Partner: LANXESS


“More and more architects are discovering colored concrete as a premium building material. Numerous buildings constructed every year around the world are colored with inorganic pigments from LANXESS”


LANXESS is the world’s largest manufacturer of iron oxide pigments and a leading producer of chrome oxide pigments. The color-stable and weather-resistant  Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments add lasting color to architecture and infrastructure.

Over 100 different shades of the individual colors are available. The colors range through yellows to reds, greens, and browns all the way to black. With these products, aesthetic, safe and lasting design effects can be achieved in a wide variety of building materials, such as in-situ concrete, prefabricated concrete components, concrete roofing tiles and paving blocks and even colored asphalt. LANXESS pigments can be used for aesthetic architectural solutions that enable structures to be harmoniously integrated into their environment, or for infrastructure projects that are both functional and creative.

For many years now, the LANXESS Colored Concrete Works® initiative has been inspiring architects and construction companies to embrace modern architecture that incorporates colored concrete. Reference projects document its use in international building structures. The initiative is supported by forums and symposiums that provide a platform for architects, construction managers and building companies to exchange ideas and discuss the possibilities of coloring concrete with pigments. Furthermore, LANXESS regularly presents the Colored Concrete Works Award to architects who have distinguished themselves in the innovative use of colored concrete in international projects.

Eurobruggen, NL. Architect: Robin Stam

All LANXESS products are characterized by a high level of quality and outstanding quality consistency. Due to their outstanding durability and fastness, the color of through-colored concrete pigmented with LANXESS Bayferrox® & Colortherm® pigments will not fade over time. Examples of outstanding buildings in colored concrete from around the world can be seen at

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