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Reinhard Angelis

“The circumstances about tradition, economy and people are perfect, to develop Maidar EcoCity, which will be one of the most  advanced urban developments in Asia”

Rendu Maidar City

Maidar City RenderingRSAA

Strictly speaking, RSAA are not what would be regarded as an architectural firm in the classic sense. RSAA is an association of medium-sized architects, each with their own areas of expertise and specialisms, who together handle complex building projects, including very large-scale projects. With their scientifically orientated approach to their work they strive to seek out new and unusual solutions. Their design work follows the principles of ecology and sustainability, and is focused equally on the human factor as well as the genius loci: that which constitutes a place in its historically evolved identity and atmosphere.

Because this approach is especially desired in the Asian cultural realm, it is no surprise that this is reflected in the architecture group’s portfolio. As well as countless free-standing projects, various complex urban development projects, extensions and business
complexes are currently being constructed in far eastern lands according to the designs created by RSAA.


Jining City Culture Center, China

Rendu Jining City Culture Center

Rendu Jining City Culture Center RSAA

The Jining City Culture Center is a new urban quarter south of the historical city of Jining, the birthplace of Confucius, in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. On a site spanning nearly 53 hectares, the west of the new city features a cultural centre including museums, a library and a centre for folk art. The aim of RSAA’s urban development masterplan is to bring the cultural buildings  already in existence into a more harmonic context and to connect them with the predominantly business-orientated district in the east of the city via outdoor facilities.

Rendu Jining City Culture Center © RSAARendu Jining City Culture Center © RSAA

Rendu Jining City Culture CenterRSAA

It also succeeds in winning the Taibai lake as a part of new city by means of providing a visual bond.

LOCATION, COUNTRY: JJining City, China
GFA: 385,00 m2
LPH (service phases according to German HOAIHOAI Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure system): 1–3

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